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Preventing and Passing Kidney Stones

Posted on January 24, 2021 at 6:15 AM

People who have had an experience dealing with Kidney Stones will remember the agonising moments faced for a long while. With passage of time and the way medical science has advanced over the last few years, Kidney Stone Treatment is much easier these days. However, patients still need to do their bit, by staying focussed and determined.

One of the most established hospitals for Kidney Stone Treatment in Bangalore has been NU Hospitals, which has cracked many a complex cases related to Kidney Stones. Thanks to a team of best urologists in Bangalore, and their relentless service to people, with lot of passion and focus.

Preventing Kidney Stones from recurring is not tough. Here are some of the ways which one can think about.

• Drink plenty of water as keeping yourself hydrated dilutes those substances in the urine that have the capacity to form hard stones.

• Avoid oxalate rich food on a regular basis as oxalate has a high tendency to form kidney stones.

• Avoid a high sodium diet that can increase the chances of formation of stones.

• It is a good idea to limit your consumption of meat, poultry products and sea food so that the risk of developing Kidney Stones at a later stage can be minimized.

Urologists at NU Hospitals continue their research in finding out lesser complicated ways of allowing the Kidney Stone to dilute and pass out of your body through urine. Usually Kidney Stones take several weeks to a few months to pass as they may develop in various sizes. Depending upon the number of stones and their size, your urologist may prescribe medications that can help dilute them and pass out through urine, with less amount of discomfort.

However, if the pain becomes too unbearable or the stones are too large to pass, there are safe surgical procedures which can help reduce the stones to smaller pieces so that they can pass out easily.

Urologists at NU Hospitals, one of the best hospitals for Kidney Care in Bangalore, combine advanced technology and graceful care, to address the most complex of issues related to your Kidneys. If you suffer any symptoms that are likely to suggest the presence of stones, then lose no further time and make a wise choice. Compassionate care, advanced medicine and quality treatment, more importantly close to your home, can help you reduce anxious moments faced due to Kidney Stones, to a great extent.


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