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Is Kidney Transplant Successful

Posted on April 27, 2021 at 12:20 AM

Kidney Transplant is a procedure suggested to patients with end stage renal disease. Nephrologists usually recommend two types of treatments during Kidney failure, Dialysis and Kidney Transplant. While Dialysis calls for repeated visits to the hospital, Kidney Transplant needs hospitalization only during few days before and after the procedure and the patient can enjoy a healthy life, subject to the kidneys being accepted by the body.

Is it safe to choose Kidney Transplant as an option?

Though many kidney transplants conducted in the recent past have been successful, its longitivity can vary from person to person. A successful kidney transplant procedure is nearest to natural kidney function. Hence it is considered as a more convincing and effective treatment for acute renal failure or end stage renal disease—offering a chance for a longer, healthier life.

The success of kidney transplant depends upon various factors, which your nephrologists will thoroughly analyse, before clearing you for the procedure.

• Good Overall health


Your doctors approve your candidature for a transplant surgery, based on certain blood tests and physical examinations.


• A good Kidney match


Usually, transplant surgeries are cleared once a proper kidney match is found. Kidneys can be received either from a living or a deceased donor. Studies have indicated that for a kidney transplant surgery to be successful, the new kidney must be from a living donor with the same tissue type and compatible blood type as that of the recipient.


• The timing of the transplant


Kidney Transplants are generally successful if planned and executed without much delay after being diagnosed with end stage renal disease. Since the preparations before the surgery and post-operative care needs some time, it is wise not to leave a long gap and take a quick decision.

Though the success rates with Kidney Transplant on receiving kidneys either from a living or a deceased donor are impressive and as high as 96%, there could be some occasions where the new kidneys could be rejected by your body. In this case you may need medications to help your body accept the new kidney.

A surgery, as complicated as a Kidney Transplant, requires the patient to be in a completely relaxed position, before and after the surgery. One of the best kidney transplant hospitals in Bangalore and India, NU Hospitals continues to enjoy a very high success rate with few of the best Nephrologists in the country, forming a competent team. It is the post-operative care which is equally important and NU Hospitals continues to win the confidence of its patients by doing just that, beautifully.

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