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How Does Kidney Transplant Work

Posted on April 24, 2021 at 10:00 AM

All of us are aware of the significance of Kidneys in our human body system. They are as critical to our body as are some of the other organs like heart, brain and lungs. Kidneys play a huge role in maintaining a normal body functioning by elimination waste products from our body. The responsibility of keeping our kidneys in good health purely rests on us human beings; else the consequences can be nothing shorter than severe complications, including an acute renal failure (Kidney failure) requiring nothing lesser than only a Kidney Transplant as treatment option.

What is a Kidney Transplant?

Usually, Kidney Transplant is a surgical procedure conducted by Nephrologists (Kidney Specialists). This procedure is suggested in the event of an acute kidney failure. Your doctors might also sometime suggest dialysis as a treatment option when your kidneys fail which mechanically filters waste products out of your body. However, this is a long drawn and routine procedure which might need several visits to the hospital. Some of the patients might qualify for a kidney transplant procedure based on their health conditions and availability of the right kidney match.

How does Kidney Transplant Work?

• This is a treatment which is generally suggested to patients suffering from end stage renal disease.

• This procedure requires replacing your single or both kidneys with those received from a live or deceased donor.

• Your doctors will recommend certain blood tests to evaluate your blood group.

• In addition to this, blood tests also help surgeons in studying the Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) which are responsible for your body’s immune response and a key parameter to be matched with the donor kidneys, before your transplant procedure.

• Once a potential donor is identified, you’ll need another test to make sure that your antibodies won’t attack the donor’s organ. This is done by mixing a small amount of your blood with the donor’s blood.

• On being cleared for the transplant procedure, your doctor will perform the surgery under general anathesia.


Kidney Transplant is a better option compared to a dialysis as it solves the stress of repeated visits to your hospital. However, just like any other complicated surgery, kidney transplants too have pros and cons. It all begins with preparing the patient both mentally and physically and this is where NU Hospitals, one of the best Kidney Transplant Hospitals in Bangalore, has been extremely good at. With an efficient team of Nephrologists, NU Hospitals has been able to strike an effective balance between cost of Kidney Transplant and Quality of Treatment.

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