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Chronic Kidney Diseases in Today's Women

Posted on July 14, 2020 at 3:35 AM

Kidney ailments in today’s day and age are not uncommon, and given our modern lifestyle, that’s not only fast paced but also unhealthy, it becomes imperative to not overlook the risks. In case of chronic kidney disease, the kidneys lose their ability to function efficiently over a period of time, and, unless treated in the earlier stages, increases the risks of complete kidney failure.


Women who are suffering from chronic kidney disease are also usually advised against the use of birth control pills as it may lead to an increase in BP and cause blood clots. Sometimes, it has also been observed that an untreated UTI can affect an already existing CKD, as an infection known as pyelonephritis.


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Causes for Chronic Kidney Diseases in Women


One of the mostly commonly observed causes for kidney diseases in women is obesity. Obese people are more likely to be affected by CKDs than others. That being said, almost 40%-60% of the total kidney cases are caused by diabetes and hypertension. However, if one looks at the rural areas or those where people are more exposed to pesticides such as cadmium, arsenic, fluoride, and similar conditions, such as renal histology and / or chronic tubule-interstitial nephritis, CKD becomes more common.


Symptoms for Chronic Kidney Diseases in Women


Chronic kidney diseases are considered to be threatening because they usually don’t produce symptoms as such but do progress gradually. Symptoms may occur in the late stages, however the moment any of the below symptoms appear, it is advisable to visit a doctor:


• Fatigue and / or weakness

• Urinary pain

• Frequent urination

• Swelling

• Pain in the lower back

• Loss of appetite

• Nausea and / or vomiting

• Rashes and itching sensation on the skin and all over the body


Diagnosis for chronic kidney diseases in women


It is always advisable to not skip your regular health check-ups as CKDs don’t show symptoms during the initial stages, and hence, they are usually detected in these routine check-ups. Poor lifestyle is also commonly associated with faulty kidneys as bad diet and inconsistent routines will have negative effects on the kidneys.


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• Blood Tests: Several elements present in the blood make it easier to detect kidney ailments.



• Urine Tests



• GFR Test



• Imaging Diagnostics may be used

Prevention of chronic kidney diseases in women


Although it’s not possible to control each aspect of an injury or ageing, it is possible to lead a life that reduces the risks for chronic kidney diseases in women. Minimizing stress on the kidneys as a regular practice can reduce your risk of developing CKD later in life.

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