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What happens during a kidney transplant procedure?

Posted on November 18, 2019 at 4:55 AM

There is a huge need for organ transplants in India. As per a report in India, around 5, 00,000 people have urgent requirements for immediate organ transplantation in order to save their lives from organ damage.


Organ transplantation is considered one of the most crucial achievements in medical history. Different parts of the body that can be transplanted and the laws that govern organ transplantation.


Organ transplantation gives hope to thousands of people suffering from organ failure. There are different types of organ transplants available nowadays like- Heart transplant, Lung transplant, Liver transplant, Pancreas transplant, Cornea transplant, Trachea transplant, Kidney transplant, Skin transplant, Vascular tissues transplant, etc.


Kidney Transplantation/Renal transplantation:


Kidney transplantation is a surgical process of placing a healthy kidney from a donor into the recipient’s body, a patient whose kidneys no longer function properly or having irreversible advanced kidney disease or suffering from end-stage renal disease. This process is also known as Renal Transplantation.


At the time of Kidney Transplantation Surgery, the donor’s kidney is placed into the patient's body and new kidney's blood vessels are connected to the lower abdomen's blood vessels and ureter of the new kidney is attached to the bladder. The new kidney filters blood and starts to produce urine as well. To stop the body from rejecting the new kidney proper medications are given.


Only one healthy kidney can replace two failed kidneys but the compatibility of blood group must be checked before processing for a Kidney Transplant Treatment.


After the successful procedure of Kidney Transplantation, the graft starts functioning immediately and improves the quality of life that lessens the risk of death than maintaining dialysis lifelong.


Most patients experience that Kidney Transplant Surgery made them feel better as it has given them another chance of spending time with their family, traveling and to pursue their hobbies as well as returning to work. It also saved their time and money spent on various therapies for dialysis.

Patients with Kidney Transplants typically have a longer life expectancy than patients who had to stay on dialysis.


NU Hospitals offer the best kidney transplantation treatment (renal transplants) with comprehensive kidney care post-surgery. It is authorized to perform both kidney transplants as well as cadaveric transplants. NU Hospitals Bengaluru has a team of expert surgeons with international standards to completely take care of your Kidney Transplantation and ensure a healthy recovering.


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