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Four Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Posted on June 13, 2019 at 7:15 AM

Keeping your kidneys functioning properly and free of any ailments is a vital aspect of your physical well-being. As with every other system in our body, ensuring this is quite simple; healthy diet, physical activity and relinquishing smoking and alcoholism are the broad outline of the fundamentals needed to be kept in mind to maintain kidneys in top nick. In a majority of cases, these prophylactic measures suffice. However, in case of more serious complications, medical intervention becomes necessary. NU Hospitals is a kidney hospital located in Bangalore that specializes in the intricacies and path breaking innovations in renal care. But first, let us now examine the specific steps we can take:

Drink adequate amounts of water and fluids

A major reason for formation and accumulation of the stones is due to lack of water to dissolve them and flush them out of your system. However, it is also important to know the right type of fluids that can actually aid your body. Water is the best drink, followed by limited quantities of fruit juice with the fibre and minus added sugar. Do not drink sodas, caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

Egg whites

Egg whites are the richest sources of proteins and low in phosphorus and cholesterol. It consists of all the essential amino acids that keep your kidneys healthy. There are certain proteins which strain your kidneys and also produce lots of wastes while being metabolized in the body. The proteins in the egg white are the high-quality proteins that produce less waste and promote kidney health.

Olive oil


Olive oil is consists of an anti-inflammatory fatty acid, oleic acid. It consists of mono saturated fats and also has anti-oxidant properties that protects against oxidation and prevent inflammation. There are many studies that reveal that use of large amounts of olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer, this considerably aiding in effective kidney treatment.

Monitor your blood sugar and pressure

Diabetes and high blood pressure are a welcome mat for a host of kidney diseases and damage. Therefore, if you have high blood sugar levels and/or pressure, or are prone to these due to hereditary and lifestyle factors, make sure you undergo regular tests to keep them in check.


A word of caution here. Kidney dialysis is sometimes mistaken to be a cure of sorts, or a process that can keep/ make the kidneys healthy. However, that’s not entirely true. Dialysis is at best an interim treatment option that can be carried out till such time as a matching donor becomes available for a transplant.


Notwithstanding the above steps, if there is a serious progression in the severity of kidney damage, please visit a nephrologists immediately. If diagnosed in the initial stages, the treatment options are relatively less complicated, but in the end stages, kidney transplant is the only reliable medical solution.

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