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5 Factors Which Make India an Ideal Medical Tourism Spot

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India receives thousands of international medical tourists annually from around the globe. The main source being the developed countries like the US and the UK.

Medical tourism in India is growing in a huge scale as one can get here quality healthcare at a reasonable cost.


Here are a few major factors that make India an excellent medical tourism spot:



  • Low-cost Treatment



The cost of healthcare treatment in India is very less compared to that in other countries like the US or UK. In fact, the travel expenses like airfares, hotel, food and stay are also quite affordable.



  • World Class Services



Most Indian healthcare centers provide international standard care and accommodations to their patients. These hospitals also provide international patient services 24/7, as well as assistance with many essential stuffs like visa application and hospital admission etc.



  • Ease of Communication



Despite India's diversity of languages, English is widely spoken by most of the people and almost universally used by medical professionals. In India, you can find a number of hospitals with an availability of language translators too.



  • Ancient Medical Therapies



India offers a powerful way to heal and recover from a disease in the form of ancient natural therapies like Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga. Many hospitals in India offer these amazing techniques to aid in post-treatment recovery. It contributes in psychological benefits as well.



  • Proficient Medical Professionals



Hospitals in India have highly trained physicians, nurses and staff with relevant experiences. The doctors are well-trained from the country’s top medical universities. They profoundly practice advanced technology and enhanced techniques for the treatments.


NU Multispeciality Hospital is one among the best hospitals in India. We aim to deliver a comprehensive Nephro-Urology service all over the world. We are serving care in Kidney and Renal treatment for 15+ years and performed more than 400 Kidney Transplants in the past 8 years.


NU Hospitals provide an ample range of services for international patients and their family/attendants.


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India has emerged as the hub of medical tourism in the world owing to a potent combination of cutting-edge facilities, highly skilled doctors and above all, it’s relatively low cost of treatment compared to other developed nations, making it a preferred destination for many affluent foreigners seeking high quality but cost-effective medical treatment for their ailments. India ranks particularly high in the list for people of other nations seeking treatment in the fields of cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics and organ transplants, and also in allied fields such as preventive, wellness and alternative medicine.

Medical tourism in India is fast emerging as one of the fastest growing segments of tourism sector. Estimates indicate that more than 500,000 foreign patients avail treatment in India, drawn to the high-end infrastructure of India’s famed multispecialty corporate hospitals. To facilitate a better international patient care service and experience, the Indian government has enabled visa-on-arrival for travellers from certain countries, allowing them to stay in India for up to 30 days for the treatment.

NU Hospitals has made a name for itself in the fields of nephrology, urology and fertility care, and in fact is India’s first hospital to be NABH and NABL accredited in these specialties. It is equipped with ultra-modern infrastructure and trained healthcare personnel in order to provide the best standards of care across all its facilities- Padmanabhanagar and Rajajinagar in Bangalore, Ambur and Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu and Male in Maldives.

In the field of infertility treatment, NU Hospitals possesses top-of-the-line IVF laboratory and experienced specialists for providing systematic treatment under one roof. It also has other hallmarks of international patient care hospitals in its fields of operation, including pediatric-specific imaging and investigation facilities, pediatric uro-dynamics capability, an active cadaver transplantation program, specialty education programs for renal disorders and much more! Through our consistent service and rigorous emphasis on clinical excellence, we have carved a niche for ourselves for offering the best international patient services in India.