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NU hospitals is a tertiary care center for nephrology, urology and IVF treatments. We offer first class clinical care for the whole spectrum of nephrology, urology and infertility conditions.

Our facility ranks among some of the top urology care hospitals in Bangalore that provides complete care for all urology conditions within ranges of your affordability. Our hospital is equipped with a dedicated urology department, comprised of modern day infrastructure and is capable of handling urological conditions both among adults and children. From urinary incontinence, bladder prolapse or prostate cancer to interstitial cystitis and Hematuria- the team at NU provides the best cure plan for every urology condition.

NU Hospitals is one of the premier medical care verticals in the country that provides world class nephrology treatment at affordable rates. Since the establishment of the unit, our team has been specializing in delivering top-notch, advanced treatment for both adult and pediatric nephrology conditions that reflect global healthcare standards. A comprehensive care hub for nephrology problems, NU offers optimal treatment plans for the whole gamut of kidney diseases.

NU ranks among the best infertility hospitals in Bangalore. Our state-of-the-art reproductive medicine department is led by some of the best infertility specialists in town. Supported by the best infertility doctors in Bangalore, NU will provide you world-class IVF and other infertility treatments that’s specially customized to suit your respective healthcare requirement. The fertility department at NU doles out highly advanced treatment and high-end ART services to treat infertility among both genders.

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